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Become a UCC Crew Leader

Utah Conservation Corps' field crew leadership positions are a valuable opportunity to develop your leadership skills within the conservation field while completing important service at project sites and with UCC crew members.  




The UCC Crew Leader Development program offers full year AmeriCorps positions where members spend the spring field season in a Crew Leader In-Training capacity working on a crew and developing their leadership and conservation skills.  Upon demonstrating necessary skills and competencies, the member will move into a full Crew Leader position for summer and fall field seasons.  

During the spring season the member completes conservation projects and receives in-field training at project sites.  During summer and fall, participants become Crew Leaders who are fully responsible for preparing and leading a 4-8 person crew, as well as ensuring that UCC policies and procedures are followed, facilitating education time with their crew, communicating with project sponsors, and recording important project outcome data.

UCC field crews generally camp near their project site during the project week and return to their field office location for off time between project weeks.  Crews working on local projects may return to their place of residence each night.  Crew Leader Development members are expected to have a place of residence near their field office location.

The Crew Leader position is an AmeriCorps term requiring a ten-month commitment. 

Term Dates: February 12 - November 16, 2018

Locations: positions available based in Logan, Salt Lake City, and Cedar City, UT 

Positions open until filled.

Full Position Description


  • Americorps Living Allowance: $675.00 paid twice per month for spring; $725.00 paid twice per month for summer and fall
  • Eligible for AmeriCorps Education Award: $5,775.00
  • Health Insurance option
  • Forbearance on qualifying student loans while in service
  • Leadership Development
  • Leave No Trace Educator Training
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certification
  • UCC Chainsaw and Rock Work Training
  • Trail Construction and Design Training